WYGW Payment Control System 2.3

This system allow you to create 
  • Cash floats with summery
  • Payment cash book
  • Payment Vouchers
  • Cheque Printing

Payment Record input

Record entry form

Cash Float record

Cash Float record form

Payment Voucher printing 
Payment Voucher form

After enter the voucher details Pre format voucher or new payment voucher could generate.

Life time, User friendly, Multi-user and Low cost software's

Save the system in Network server and give the share link to any number of user.
All can work same time real time.

This System offer with very low cost to small and medium business.

When you purchase this system it for an unlimited time. 
There is no additional cost per month/year/use etc.

Before purchasing, please download the below provide introduction system free that you can determine whether the software works on your computer, fits your business needs.

You need to enable the Content warning when the system run in First time in your computer.

Please give your currency type if it is difference to US$ When you purchase the Payment control system

PW = 1234