WYGW Payment and petty cash Control System 2.3

Cash float management Recording Petty cash/Cash float transactions.

WYGW Cash float Control is a leading Payment management software that supports pettycash operations and payment vouchers and cheque writing for any kind of business. All petty cash and Cash float  expenses and reimbursements can be recorded and each cash float/petty cash report is automatically produced.

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This application can also be configured to print out vouchers so that the receiving party can acknowledge the receipt of money by signing the printed paper as and … It also provides a centralized repository for storing all documentation associated with petty cash and
cash float accounts and allows for an easy audit of these records by internal auditors.

Many businesses use a petty cash account for everyday purchases or costs, such as one-off groceries, parking charges and petrol. If you business use project or site cash float it also control same as petty cash float. Use this unique petty cash template to control the expenses which are paid through any petty cash or cash float system.


The transactions entry form allows you to quickly enter the petty cash expenses with relevent details and account codes. Given a unique reference ID simplely record the petty cash float transactions to manage reimbusement.

It is the fund or cash that a business keeps in hand to pay for small expenses, such as postage due, reimbursement, office supplies, food or drinks, etc. Petty cash, or the petty cash fund or imprest cash, as the name suggests, is the fund to meet petty business expenses. Can be used by small offices to large enterprises.


A good accounting system allows you to handle all of your financial resources, including petty cash, with ease. Alternatives to Petty Cash Management Using and managing petty cash is no longer an option. Petty cash, also known as petty cash fund, is a small sum of money kept on hand for covering minor company costs. Payment for stamps, phone cards, and reimbursing travel expenditures are all examples of petty cash usage. This cash float and payment management software automates and controls petty cash account management, lowering the risk connected with these assets.

Petty Cash Management is particularly effective for finance departments which need to take control of distributed cash. To generate the cash float report and payment vouchers is a small application developed by WYGWorld using the Microsoft office application with MS access.


Simply count each denomination in your till and enter it into the program to see if your till is balanced. The amount in a petty cash fund will vary by organization – how much is held, and how the petty cash is used.The cashier is usually made responsible for this fund and day-to-day expenses are met out of this Imprest. You can view the transaction history for a specific date range and switch between detailed and daily views.

Payroll, Employee Leave Management, Petty Cash, Invoice and Inventory Management or Quick Quotation generation we have best solutions with simple softeware by WYGW.

These are very simple and user-friendly system that anyone can access. WYGW Software is fit for any and all organizations. It is simple to use, designed to save time, prevent errors (and misuse), and produce reports suitable for easy accounting and checking.


EVERYONE. You can manage petty cash and Cash account balances quickly and easily. It’s not always appropriate to write a cheque or use a credit card for these expenses, as it may be a reimbursement to an employee or to purchase items totaling only a few pounds. This software is developed for easily manage the petty cash box based on imprest system for custodian person who is responsible of petty cash box and responsible for generate and send report of petty cash usage to accountant department.

This small accounting applications design by WYGW to simplized the accounts department tasks. if you interest about theses softwares please download the demo and check are these suitable for your business.

Life time, User friendly, Multi-user and Low cost software's
Save the system in Network server and give the share link to any number of user.
All can work same time real time.
This System offer with very low cost to small and medium business.
When you purchase this system it for an unlimited time.
There is no additional cost per month/year/use etc.
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