Payroll and Attendance management System 3.1

WYGW Payroll and Attendance Management System 3.1

Attendance, Payroll, Pay taxes and HR Managements

I would like to Introduce a simple payroll & attendance system to any organization which they need staff attendance & leave records management, Pay stubs arrangement, Staff pay tax arrangements monthly or daily for any number of the staff very easily.

This is a readymade payroll & HRM system with all the requirement for small and medium-size business, This is a desktop version and allow get staff attendance report, leave reports, Overtime reports and could print payroll reports and pay stubs simply.
  • Add Unlimited employees
  • Any payroll Additions,
  • Any payroll deductions,
  • Add any tax type
  • Fingerprint machine data export with excel format.
  • Employee leave management
  • Monthly salary preparing
  • Daily salary preparing
  • Pay sheet and payslips printing
  • Report export to Excel/PDF for modification.
  • Simple and user-friendly
  • Any number of Users through the network
This simple payroll Software facilitates the automated calculation of employee payments, including taxation, variable pay, and deductions, which are suitable for any business.

You do not need to pay monthly or yearly subscriptions or cloud data or Internet fees, because this is a desktop payroll version. This is user-friendly and could give access to any number of users as well as any number of employees' pay stub payments very easily.  

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