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Payroll and Attendance management System 3.1

WYGW Payroll and Attendance Management System 3.1

Best for students and small business

We Introduce a simple payroll & attendance system to small & medium size organizations for their need of staff attendance, leave records management, Pay stubs arrangement, Staff tax arrangements, and monthly or daily salary preparations very easily.

This is a readymade payroll & HRM system with all the requirements for small and medium-sized businesses, This is a desktop version, and no need to log in to the internet or cloud data.
  • Add Unlimited employees
  • Any payroll Additions,
  • Any payroll deductions,
  • Add any tax type
  • Fingerprint machine data export with excel format.
  • Employee leave management
  • Monthly salary preparing
  • Daily salary preparing
  • Pay sheet and payslips printing
  • Report export to Excel/PDF for modification.
  • Simple and user-friendly
  • Any number of Users through the network
This simple payroll Software facilitates the automated calculation of employee payments, including taxation, variable pay, and deductions, which are suitable for any business.

You do not need to pay monthly or yearly subscriptions or cloud data or Internet fees, because this is a desktop payroll version. This is user-friendly and could give access to any number of users as well as any number of employees' pay stub payments very easily.  

Very useful for students also who study the MS Access program.

Only 7.99 US$ 

More Details                                                                   Buy Now                                                   

What is a payroll system

Payroll systems manage everything having to do with the process of paying employees and filing employment taxes. They are put in place to keep track of worked hours, calculating wages, withholding taxes and other deductions, printing and delivering checks and paying government employment taxes.

How does payroll system work?

Payroll is the process by which an employer pays his employees for the work done. ... At the end of a payroll period, the employer calculates the exact earnings and deductions of each of his employee and pays the amount due to the employee. Detailed records are kept of the calculations and payments made

What is payroll system in HR?
Payroll Management System is the system by which an employer can manage the salaries of the employees. The salary structure includes salary, allowances, deductions, and net payable to the employees. Complicated Computations that are performed manually can be automated using the payroll software.

What is the main purpose of payroll system?
The objective of the Payroll System is a set of processes that helps you streamline salaries, bonuses, deductions, taxes, and other necessary aspects of the net pay of all the employees in your organization.

What is manual payroll system?
A manual payroll means that you will be required to hire a team of professionals who will do every accounting and payroll task by hand. On the other hand, a computerized one will be operating automatically to keep track of employee performance, attendance, and bonus data.

How is payroll calculated?
The net pay is calculated by subtracting all the withholding and tax deductions from your employee's actual salary. ... If you have a payroll management system, all you have to do is input the collected data and the system will calculate employee salaries for you.