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WYGW Payroll System 3.1

Payroll Addition and Deduction setting

Tax Item Setup

Leave category setup

Attendance Update Menu

Daily attendance could be update manually as well as upload using Finger print machine data with excel format

Save Excel file to Drive C: and upload the date.

After update the Attendance Details Overtime payment and Leave details will auto update.
Report can generate to check each details period ranges.

How to Create Payroll

Create payroll simply

Even you have more than 100s Staff, Easily you can create staff payroll for selected period.
after 1st time upload, next time you have only to change the pay period and figures.

Tax calculation will auto update according to your tax setup menu.
Both Payroll report and tax report could upload to Excel file.
You can format it to your desire design.

Pay sheet will auto create for printing for each employees

Life time, User friendly, Multi-user and Low cost software's

Save the system in Network server and give the share link to any number of user.
All can work same time real time.

This System offer with very low cost to small and medium business.

When you purchase this system it for an unlimited time. 
There is no additional cost per month/year/use etc.

Before purchasing, please download the below provide introduction system free that you can determine whether the software works on your computer, fits your business needs.

You need to enable the Content warning when the system run in First time in your computer.

user name - WYGW
PW: 1234