Sunday, December 1, 2019

WYGW Invoicing Billing and inventory control system

This is the software you are searching if your  Business has,

  • Large sales team and need to track each sales person's sales separately.
  • Difference categories stock items and you need to real-time inventory update.
  • If you need to check Company sales daily Weekly and monthly with customer wise..
  • If you need to get an Outstanding report with Aging in any time you need.
  • Payment is settled with a receipt and receipt cash book list.
  • Unlimited user can work same time and old previous data can view any time.
  • Simple and user friendly

WYGW Invoicing Billing and inventory control system

Every Company needs to issue an invoice or bill to customers for their sales. It will help the company to easily identify their daily and monthly sales and inventory issues. These details need to prepare the company accounts.

Some companies use their Accounting package to issue an invoice and some companies have a separate invoicing control system to issue invoices. It is better to keep a separate invoicing system and it will double check the company sales and Inventory and separate database will help to analyze past sales with different required details such as sales persons, customers, and items.

With my 23 years Accounting experience and Computer Knowledge I designed a user friendly Invoice Billing and Inventory Control system to use any company especially suitable for construction and service stations to control sales and Inventory.

To run this software not need a special computer or program. It required only windows operating system with Microsoft Office package.

Create a user name and password to log in to the system. Unlimited user can work the same time.

How this system Work

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Even a company does not use an accounting system, this software can generate a monthly sales report with item and customer wise and tax and inventory valuations with stock balances which need to prepare the accounts
Stock will automatically update when enter material invoice

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how to enter invoice demo..

                                        Separate invoice entering screen for service/project invoices.

You can change the Invoice layout as your desire as above moving to drag and drop..

This system worth about 100$ But,
I would like to give this software only 6 US$ to the world.

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