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Sales & Inventory Control System 2.1 Downloads Free

 WYGW Sales invoice & Inventory Control System 2.1

  • Materials sales Invoice
  • Services & Project Invoices
  • Inventory Management
  • Outstanding Settlements
  • Sales and Outstanding Reports
  • Stock Balance and Valuation Reports

Some Accounting package allow to generate invoice and inventories all together, but it is complicated to manage the difference kind of reports which required for management decisions.

It is better to keep a separate invoice system with Inventory controls it will help to financial department to verify the turnover and Inventory activities. 

This simple Invoice software allow you to do it easily even if you don't have accounting software.

I created this system using my knowledge of Ms Access. Student also can downloads and see how I created tables, quarries, forms and report. Any size of companies also can download and used for your business run smoothly.

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