Tuesday, January 1, 2019

WYGW Attendance and Payroll system - Suitable for any company

WYGW Attendance & Payroll system - Suitable for any company 

This is an Attendance Management system that helps HRM to maintain Staff salaries overtimes and leaves. With this attendance management software, keeping tabs on all employees becomes easy.

This software comes with Unlimited employees, life time use (no license renewals), user friendly and unlimited users same time, database for any kind of company.

This System create with MS access program and I decided to offer this program TOTALLY FREE to world.
This system can be use for any business to control their staff management
Student also can download and study how this program work and learn for educational propose. 

It is useful for Garment factories, Construction companies, Schools, shops, and Privet companies with staffs more than 50.

Run the payroll by selecting the pay period, Payroll additions and monthly deductions separately

The task of creating a payroll for an employee or a bunch of employees is a complicated task.
But with this payroll software, this task has been made much easier.
The software has the ability to calculate the payroll on monthly basis.

but it can get daily or weekly attendance details if you pay with daily or weekly.
You can also generate a pay slip at the end of the month, and the employees can look at their salary details by themselves.

Generate reports and the downloading option is available both in PDF and Excel formats.
This attendance and payroll management software is a great way to simplify the work at a company.
These are integral with a Human Resource Management Software and are easy to use and access.

Having this software to your HRMS can be really helpful for small, big or medium companies.
User logging and if password forget can create new.        
Company and Employees details can easily be set up.

 Daily attendance is very easy even without a fingerprint machine.

 Attendance will update the Over time and staff leave same time.

Daily attendance will generate the Overtime and staff leaves.

Attendance edit facility available..

Data can import from fingerprint machine with Excel format.



This software automatically keeps record on the leaves and the working days of the employees with attendance update.

Fill up the profile details of an employee that includes: Basic, Job, and Account Information.
overtime allow or not: percentage. Tax with providence fund or trust fund.

Fill up payroll details such as salary information, overtime, allowance, bonus and payroll history.

This system worth about 100$ But,
I would like to give this software TOTALLY FREE to the world.

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