Oct 28, 2016

Simple and powerful Invoicing and Inventory Control System totaly free...

This easy-to-use invoice system will make it simple to create professional-looking invoices in just a few clicks. Add your company logo and your Company details in simple setup menu.

You can select Customers in drop down menu, same time you can add new customer’s details to customer list with address and email.

You can select the items from drop down list, and can maintain all your stock items details with cost price, selling price and Item picture.

You can settle the payment with customer payment and can generate a customer outstanding report with customer wise as well as salespersons.

System can generate all the reports you need for

sales with items wise,

sales with customer wise,

sales with salesperson wise

Customer Outstanding reports


Stock balance reports
Stock valuation reports

All the reports can export to MS excel and Pdf.

If you like to know how this system work, just Visit these Videos.

 If you buy a more complex and expensive system it will cost more than Hundred dollars,and may be hidden & yearly maintenance cost and  I'll offer this software totally free  for life time.

System Requirements:
 Windows operating system and
 MS office with Ms access program ...

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