Oct 27, 2016

WYGW Simple Salary and payroll systems totally free......

WYGW Simple Salary and payroll systems  totally free......

Every Company process payroll for its employees; as a company grows manual processing becomes difficult. 

I design a software which can meet all the requirements of the company there is no need of manual entries, automatic generate details of reports and salary Slips.

With this Payroll Software, there is a track of every information related to employee compensation or related to wages and incentives.

This software is very easy as it powerful database you can keep all previous data to review later.

1.  You can log with username: 

2.Main Manu

3.Setup company Details.
4. Update Monthly details


6. Edit Details

7. More details
9. Salary Slips

System very simple and powerful.... can use to any company to give a salary slips and pay to staff with details. Download File free


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